Printing Gold Textured Invites

Over and over, so many people ask me where to print our designs that have gold textured elements (handlettered text or gold elements in the design.)  So here's the skinny on this:

. Our designs are not actual real gold foil. They gold elements are "faux" gold texture that we designed to print as well as possible on a 4-color process to have the look-of gold texture.

. If you wanted real gold-foil, you would have to payout major $$$. Our designs cost a less than $6 for invites.


We would recommend that for designs with gold elements, you consider getting them printed at Staples or FedEx Office on cover stock. We've had great success at both places. However -- you might want to getting one sample printed as a test print before you get your entire project printed. This way you can see what it looks like and do a proof of everything.

Just our two cents!  Let us know how your projects turn out.