Our Latest Obsession

 At Tumbalina we’re always looking for new creative outlets, in and out of the office.

 Our latest venture is embroidery.

 To day we are a little obsessed would be an understatement…WE LOVE IT! It’s beyond relaxing and super great to make you feel productive while doing a passive activity (e.g. watching TV, listening to a podcast, talking on the phone, or unwinding at the end of a long day.) it’s quickly become our go-to in rare moments of down time. It’s at the same time relaxing, creative, and totally therapeutic.

*And, extra bonus: it’s a great way to keep from aimlessly picking up your phone therefore lowering your screen time. *

First up: our mini cactus project


We look forward to posting and sharing products of our new embroidery adventure with you in the coming months…